Services Overview

Whether you need a cord replacement, pulley replacement, reglazing using mouth-blown cylinder glass, our complete refurbishment service (which includes draught-proofing) or perhaps expert advice on Security Enhancement, we will be happy to undertake a full survey and send you a written summary of necessary and optional works. We can also advise on the potential for installing double glazing or acoustic glazing to existing windows. In all cases, we are delighted to provide references from previous clients - please peruse the Testimonials page on this site.



This is often provided simultaneously as our Full Refurbishment Service, enabling us to improve your windows' energy efficiency by installing modern materials. The usual indications that this service would be beneficial are rattling sashes with the wind howling through the gaps and the ingress of dust and noise. At the same time, the action of raising and lowering the sashes can be difficult with the sashes juddering from side to side. We can improve all these aspects with noticeable results, as commented upon in our Testimonials section. A typical project would include the following steps:

  • Staff and Parting beads are removed and discarded.

  • Upper and lower sashes released.

  • Cords removed.

  • Boxes and channels are cleaned, and any rough paintwork is sanded down.

  • Where appropriate, re-secure Mortice and Tenon joints.

  • Replace pulleys with ball-bearing race type to ensure smooth operation

  • Install new Sash cords.

  • Weigh sashes and, where needed, Supply Add weights to ensure correct balance before rehanging.

  • Upper sash re-hung.

  • New Parting beads fitted.

  • A draught-proofing brush pile and carrier installed into the bottom sash Meeting Rail.

  • Lower sash re-hung.

  • Install new Staff Beads containing brush piles to the inner edge of boxes.

  • Apply filler to all pinheads and decorator’s caulk to joints between boxes and Staff Beads ready for redecoration.

    Optional Extras

  • Fitting of new sash lifts, and sash pulls.

  • We can also supply and fit a range of extra security options, such as key-operated Secure Sash Stops.

NB With many windows over 100 years old, there is an unavoidable issue with the dust of ages within the boxes. We make every effort to protect your home with fine weave dust sheets for all soft furnishings and electrical equipment; and adhesive carpet protection or matting to protect hard floor coverings. Particular attention is paid to cleaning up after each day’s work to minimise the inconvenience.

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Sash Cord Replacement

This service is delivered as part of our draught-proofing service - please see above. As all four cords are usually installed simultaneously, when a failure occurs in one, there is a risk that others will also fail. Therefore, we recommend the replacement of all cords at the same time to guarantee trouble-free operation in the future.

We use white nylon plaited cords located in cord cleats to avoid damage caused by the traditional method of nailing. In addition, we will check each sash's weight and corresponding weights to ensure they are matched, and we will install lead Add Weights where needed.

The option to replace worn or non-functioning pulleys is available if required.

Sash Cord Replacement
Complete Refurbishment Service

Complete Refurbishment Service

Owners of properties with these windows need to carry out periodic sash window maintenance to ensure they continue to operate properly. Where this has not been the case, this comprehensive service is very popular with clients.

This process involves a thorough investigation of all aspects of the window condition and operation. In many cases, partial repairs to either the boxes or the sashes themselves can extend their lives and avoid a full replacement unit's expense. The following are included in our assessment:

  • Decorative order – often years of over-painting have caused a build up of paint which inhibits the travel of the sashes. The most effective solution may involve stripping off all loose or flaking external paint, which allows a full examination of the state of the timber.
  • Identify localised decay and options for repair.
  • Replacement sashes. Here we propose removing the sash, installing secure boarding to allow our joinery to examine the unit and faithfully copy the mouldings and dimensions. Important at all times but critical for properties that are either Listed or within a Conservation Area.
  • Carry out a full redecoration using exterior grade, vapour permeable paint.

Pulley Replacement

Many original pulleys were of a simple, forged design and over years of use, the spindle wears to an oval shape resulting in noisy and often uneven operation. The main reasons for replacement are:

  • The failure of a unit
  • To enhance the appearance when refurbishing the window.
  • To improve the free-running and reduce noise when in operation.
  • When installing a replacement sash in a hardwood – where the weight is greater.
  • When installing new glazing solutions such as Acoustic glass or double glazed units.
Pulley Replacement
Security Enhancement

Security Enhancement

Security is important to householders (and their insurers), and we can offer a range of options to meet these needs. In particular, we are often asked how to achieve good ventilation for, say a child’s bedroom but without the risk of them climbing out through the lower sash! The installation of a set of Secure Sash Stops fits the bill perfectly by restricting the overall aperture to a predetermined size. A key-operated system allows the stops to be removed for full access for cleaning and maintenance.

Mouthblown Cylinder Glass

Where replacement panes are needed in Listed Buildings, we can supply and install this glass which mirrors many of the original panes' characteristics and is difficult to distinguish once installed.

Mouthblown Cylinder Glass
Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Whether scope exists to upgrade your existing sashes to accommodate double glazed units will primarily depend upon the dimensions of the timber used to make the sashes as well as the scope to install heavier weights in the boxes. Also, certain Local Authorities place restrictions on changes to glazing in the case of Conservation Areas. For Listed Buildings, the relevant team at your local council will be happy to tell you about any such requirements that apply in your area.

Acoustic Glazing

Noise can be a real problem in some locations and where installing double glazed units is impossible; we have successfully reduced noise levels by using an Acoustic glass. As with any such change, the sashes' dimensions are critical as is the size of the boxes where the weights hang. To maximise the benefits of this option, we recommend the installation of draught-proofing measures – please see above. However, please note that certain Local Authorities place restrictions on glazing changes in the case of Conservation Areas. For Listed Buildings, the relevant team at your local council will be happy to tell you about any such requirements that apply in your area.

Acoustic Glazing