Hampshire Sash Window Services Glossary

Access/Weight pocket

The removable timber piece within the boxes giving access to the weights for re-cording. See diagram (23)

Back lining

See diagram (11)

Bevelled Face

See diagram (5)

Bottom Rail

The lowest element of the bottom sash See diagram (3)


The lower element of the box. See diagram (15)

Counter weight

See diagram (18)

Georgian windows

Glazing bar

Slender timber bars, with a decorative moulding on the inner face, that forms a grid-like framework that holds panes of glass within a timber window frame See diagram (7)


Small projecting spurs of timber on a sash window (hanging down from the top sash and projecting up from the bottom sash), introduced from the mid-19th century to strengthen the joints.

Inner lining

See diagram (8)

Meeting Rail

The horizontal part of a sash. See diagram (4)

Outer lining

See diagram (9)

Parting Bead

Traditionally a timber element Located between two sashes to keep them apart. See diagram (16)

Pulley lining

See diagram (10)

Pulley wheel

See diagram (20)


That part of a window frame that slides up or down, usually counterbalanced on weights. A sash window is a window that contains such sliding sashes.

Sash cord

See diagram (19)

Sash fastener

See diagram (21)

Soffit lining

See diagram (13)

Staff Bead or Stop Bead

The timber installed around the inside face of the box to retain the lower sash within the unit. See diagram (17)

Through Mortice & tenon joint

See diagram (6)

Top Rail

See diagram (2)

Vertical Stile

See diagram (1)