Sash windows rebuilt in Alton, Hampshire

07 March 2014 - Portfolio
Sash windows rebuilt in Alton, Hampshire

Usually when I see Maggie and Tizzi it is to sample their delicious coffee and food at their Real Italian Coffee Shop on Crown Hill in Alton – but not this time.

“Can you do something to sort out our sash windows Rob? They don’t work very well, rattle and are really draughty!”

What followed was far more than any of us had anticipated – the sight of four lead covered cills was the first sign that all was not well underneath. (Photos A-D). The previous owners had thought that encasing the rotting timber would stop the decay – in fact it enabled the infestation to make its way into adjacent timber making the repairs far more extensive than would have been the case if proper action had been taken at the outset.

The decay had spread to the lower sections of the boxes and even into the back of the internal panelling (Photos E-F). With the strip out finally completed we could identify which replacement timber sections were needed and the joinery then swung into action. Partial replacement of the external boxing was needed but the key items were large section hardwood cills (Photos G-H) – two per window.

Once we started to reinstate the refurbished sashes it was clear that several panes had been replaced over the years – using 4mm thick float glass which is heavier than the original 2 or 3mm panes. To compensate for this we added further weights to achieve the correct balance.

Fuelled by many double espressos, we completed the works, giving Maggie and Tizzi the draught-free ventilation that these wonderful windows can offer.
Ciao Bella!

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