Acoustic glazing in sash windows Petersfield, Hampshire.

24 November 2015 - Portfolio
Acoustic glazing in sash windows Petersfield, Hampshire.

It was a routine enquiry – windows that were either difficult or impossible to open, or that rattled and were draughty and added to which the traffic noise was spoiling the enjoyment of two main rooms – each with fabulous bays with four pairs of sashes in each.

Despite a thorough survey there were still some surprises in store for us – see photos K & M! As we started to remove the ground floor units we were struggling with the last 3 pairs having removed the first pair after cutting through many years of over painting.

We worked on the windows for some time before noticing a slight indentation on the Meeting Rail of one of these reluctant units (Photo K). Sure enough, with the paint removed we found a large screw, recessed into the timber and then carefully filled before painting. Problem solved!

Replacing cracked panes of glass are a regular task but as the photo series M – M.6 shows that a securely puttied cracked pane can be the difference between a sash appearing to be in good condition whilst still installed or almost falling apart once the glass was removed.

The remainder of the project was straightforward; a couple of replacement sashes were needed as the advanced levels of decay made refurbishment uneconomic.

An additional request from the clients was to reduce traffic noise and we arranged to re-engineer the existing sashes to take a laminated product supplied by Pilkingtons. The much thicker panes necessitated new weights to balance the sashes and we also installed new ball bearing race pulleys for a smooth and silent operation.

We topped these works off with draught proofing and a full external and internal redecoration. Our clients were kind enough to leave their feedback on our Testimonials section of the web site for all to see. Please see K & N Lawrence - Petersfield.”

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