Restored sash windows in a Grade II Listed building in a Conservation area.

A labour of love by the owner with a little help from ourselves delivered wonderful windows framed by wonderful Wisteria.

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The Brooking National Architectural Museum

The Brooking National Architectural Museum – an architectural journey of delight with significant details of the history of sash windows.I had the good fortune to meet with the founder

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Georgian Window Seat Rebuilt

Stop the rot! Sadly if this is not done in good time the extent of repairs needed to complete a refurbishment can get a little out of hand.

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Georgian sashes revived in Farnham, Surrey

"These sashes are a Knock Out" says K.O.!

Georgian buildings in Farnham are a very important part of the local history – some more grand than others and this property certainly had endured some bleak times and been unloved.

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Acoustic glazing in sash windows Petersfield, Hampshire.

Peace comes to Petersfield – a full refurbishment and redecoration project with acoustic glazing added for good measure

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Sash windows rebuilt in Alton, Hampshire

Usually when I see Maggie and Tizzi it is to sample their delicious coffee and food at their Real Italian Coffee Shop on Crown Hill …

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Sash restoration is often possible rather than replace

Wherever practicable we preserve and protect existing windows and boxes, installing replacement units only where absolutely necessary/cost effective from the client’s point of view. This is a classic …

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Goergian sash windows restored. Sub title "Oh Odiham!"

This project came literally out of the blue (and not via our web site “Contact Us” page as is often the case) – but a phone call from the prospective owners expressing a definite interest in our services.

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Victorian sash windows - restored

From terrible to terrific – a terraced delight.

Every now and then you survey a job where the people truly care about preserving the beauty, character and value of the wooden sliding sash windows in their home – and this is a great example.

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