Sash window repairs

07 January 2013 - Portfolio
Sash window repairs

Despite carrying out our usual surveys, certain of these items are invisible at the start of the work often where a previous, temporary or cosmetic repair had been carried out to hide the real problem.

Several examples could only be identified once the sashes had been removed from the boxes and the mortise and tenon joints inspected. For example the main photo shows a screw having been inserted to hold an otherwise broken joint together – a replacement sash was needed in this instance. In other cases where it appeared to be a simple replacement of a cracked pane of glass, we found that the pane and the putty were the only things holding the timber frame together! Once we had removed the old glass and putty we were able to clean out the dry joints and reset with new wedges and glue.

We have compiled a sample of these to give you an insight into some of the works that we complete “behind the scenes” so to speak. We hope that you will find them of interest and demonstrate what we can do to help bring your windows back to life.

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