Sash restoration is often possible rather than replace

07 March 2014 - Portfolio
Sash restoration is often possible rather than replace

Wherever practicable we preserve and protect existing windows and boxes, installing replacement units only where absolutely necessary/cost effective from the client’s point of view. Of course, on Listed Buildings permission must be obtained for any replacement sashes before any works are carried out.

This is a classic example where initially the decay seemed terminal as the bottom of the Glazing Bar had completely rotted away and was only held in place by the glass and putty. Photo A. Despite what looks to be a hopeless situation our clients were working to a fairly tight budget and several hundred pounds for a new sash and glass was cause for concern.

We therefore agreed to see if a sustainable repair was viable and as can be seen in photos B & C we succeeded.

Happy clients and we felt pretty happy too as we managed to refit the old 3mm glass which had wonderful irregularities.

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