Goergian sash windows restored. Sub title "Oh Odiham!"

19 May 2013 - Portfolio
Goergian sash windows restored.     Sub title

This project came literally out of the blue (and not via our web site “Contact Us” page as is usually the case) – but a phone call from the prospective owners expressing a definite interest in our services.

At first intrigued, we later found that Andrew McLaren, of Allcock Stantiford McLaren – a local firm of independent chartered surveyors who inspect a broad range of properties but particularly enjoy older, character homes – had suggested us to the new owners after completing his thorough review of the property and based on previous experience of our work.

The clients hope to live 25+ years in the house and accordingly planned a major refurbishment project on this early 19 century Georgian property. Our part was to breathe new life into the many sliding sash windows. In addition we were tasked with reducing draughts, minimising traffic noise – two goals achieved through the installation of our draught proofing service.

The clients were insisting on a high quality finish and in view of the age of the property, we were asked to undertake our Complete Refurbishment process which involved fully stripping off all external paint which allows us to check the boxes and deal with any decay identified.

What appeared at the time of our survey to be a small bulge on a cill section revealed more than we expected. See the photo below entitled “Read all about it”! The surprise was to find newspaper had been used as a filler! The disappointment was made worse when it transpired that the entire cill section needed to be replaced. Happily now, with a bespoke hardwood section in place the owners can look forward to many years of trouble-free service.

Additionally, as part of the clients’ wishes we provided some delicious Sash Bars which truly enhanced the character feel of these magnificent windows – again see photo below.

In other areas, we had small Georgian panes of glass to replace and were able to supply and install Hand-blown cylinder glass which contains the wonderful imperfections that so many people love to see and are in keeping with the building.

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